Nexus O - Designed so users can 'gyrate' their way to a male G- spot orgasm!

How to use the 'O' Male G-spot Massager

The male G-Spot refers to the prostate gland, located on the front wall of the anal canal. This walnut shaped gland is responsible for a man's erections, orgasms, and ejaculations.

It has been used for centuries by many cultures to help with prostate congestion, sexual dysfunction, and for sexual pleasure. The results of stimulating this gland are a 'milking' of the prostate, and increased blood flow to the region providing fresh oxygen and nutrients. The Nexus Range of prostate massagers including the Nexus Gyro, The Nexus 'O', the Nexus Neo the Nexus Pods and the Nexus Duo are specially designed for prostate massage for sexual pleasure, though a 'side effect' is the prostate often becomes far healthier than prior to using these toys. This is why it is so often helpful for men with prostate problems and sexual dysfunction.

Prostate Massage


  1. Before using the Nexus Gyro for the first time wash in hot soapy water. Suitable toy cleaning solution is available from our website.
  2. We also recommend that the rectum area be cleaned using either a rectal syringe or douche, which is available from pharmacies or our website.


  1. To experience the ultimate in anal pleasure, the first thing to do is to relax. As the anus does not produce sufficient amounts of lubricant for comfortable insertion, it is essential to ensure that a liberal amount of water based lubricant is used (PLEASE NOTE DO NOT USE SILICONE BASED LUBRICANT ON THE NEXUS O). This can be sensually massaged into the rectum area and applied directly to the Nexus O. This process is important and should take between 10 - 15 minutes.
  2. Slowly insert the Nexus O with the other end positioned underneath the scrotum.. Remember the internal sphincter muscles within the anus do not allow things to pass through unless you relax and take it slowly.
  3. Once the Nexus O is fully inserted so the second ball is also inside the anus, relax for 10-15 minutes for the anal canal to become accustomed to the Nexus O. Try placing your hand an your stomach and breath in deeply, slightly squeezing your buttocks together as you inhale. Slowly exhale feeling your stomach and buttocks relax. Repeat this up to 50 times, gradually increasing the Intensity.
  4. Tilt the pelvic area back and forth to transfer pressure between the prostate/ perineum area. You may also stimulate the penis. When you feel ejaculation to be imminent, immediately stop penile stimulation and allow the Nexus O to produce the orgasm.

Keep Practicing

Try different things, read up forums, talk to people. Every man's experience with a prostate massager is different and unique, but the sensations are normally very similar in the process. If you don't achieve success right away, don't panic and don't give up! Keep trying.